Dissolves and Hard Cuts, Guidelines or Plot Holes?

The title of this project comes from film language and tells us, that there is something happening before and after the moment the pictures shown were taken, and indicate if  an event leads us further or not. In this project several layers of pictures are combined. When we sense and see, we don’t do this, as in one frozen still, and we seldom look at something with one eye only (like the one eye of the camera).

Our eyes and senses move; we see a lot of glimpses on the move.

Our memory doesn’t remember in frozen stills.

Memory and life are not stable, neither separately nor linked together. Both are on the move.

Titel: Time Passing

Size min. 120x180cm

Titel: She was outside 

in the garden picking the flowers,


and putting them in a vase,

waiting for him to come home.