Wall decoration – Aalborg Shipyard

The decoration in the building belonging to Gasværksvej A/S extends over five floors. It contains a history that takes us back to the time when the building functioned as the administration building of the old Aalborg Shipyard. The underlying idea was to have the history incorporated in the building so that it presents itself as a physical embodiment of the life that unfolded in the era of Aalborg Shipyard.


The decoration is a transparent layer-on-layer work containing pictures of ship launchings with visits from King Frederik, Queen Ingrid, pictures of cranes, ships, workers, draughtsmen, launch celebrations, changing rooms and the administration building itself.

Right at the bottom we see some of the workers who were involved in the shipyard’s production. At ground level we see ship designers at work in the drawing office. In one of the picture layers a great crane figures as a through-going symbol from the ground floor to the third floor. The crane reaches right up to the top floor, where a sign painter is standing on a ladder painting the name of the shipyard.

All in all the work constitutes a transparent X-ray column depicting life at the shipyard – from the first photographs of the first ships up to photographs of the shipyard shortly before it close.

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A serie of 3  pictures, August 2017 

Print on alluminium each size 210x140cm for the Reception at Ejendomselskabet Gasværksvej 24 Aps.