A Turning Point for the Future

A floating pavilion for imagining an alternative future.

A Turning Point for the Future creates a mental and architectonic space. The sailing diamond gives passengers a possibility of freeing energy in order to imagine a different and visionary future.

The diamond shape in movement does something for the architecture of the harbor, which both in scale and form is larger and more substantial. Seen from land, A Turning Point will be a magic sight, for it is inspired by the small diamond gleams dancing on the surface of the water. The diamond is clad with a special sun-reflecting foil that throws up the light in the surface of the water so that it sparkles seen at a distance and at the same time forms a prism light effect inside the pavilion.

The sailing pavilion is powered by solar energy and leaves from and returns to a mobile information arrival and departure hall constructed of red- and gold-nuanced solar cells. This part of the project was to be developed in collaboration with the Bjarke Ingels Group. From here an electronic board would send out a stream of statements by the world’s leading scientists about their expectations of the future. Similarly there was also a plan for the use of TV transmissions and other media in the project.

Inside the diamond itself you could sit in a sea of prism light and freely allow your own ideas about the future to flow, and you could listen, as your thoughts together with the thoughts of the other travellers would be converted into sound via EEG.


Assistents: Louise Skovsby og Anne Julie Arnfred

Bjarke Ingels Group BIG – CDE Danish Marine Design – Institut for

Psykologi, Københavns Universitet – Have PR & Kommunikation –

Forskningscenteret Gnossis – Innovation Lab, Instituttet for

Fremtidsforskning – Filmsselskabet ved Finn Nørgaard – Montana – Alexandra Instituttet – Faktor-

3 – Komponist Lennart Ginman – Formidabel ApS – DDC – Wonderful

Copenhagen samt en række udenlandske forskere, bla. Kevin Warwick,

Professor of Cypernetics, The University of Reading og assistenterne