Blue Light /Blaues Licht / Blaalys

Blue Light /Blaues Licht / Blaalys

“ha, it’s strange; it comes and goes like a blue light.” From Henrik Ibsen King’s Subjects, 1872, p.136

Origin in the superstition used of a strange blue light burning where a treasure was buried or where the underworld lived. In the Scandinavian countries,”blue light” has been associated with superstition since ancient times, a strange blue light that lured people astray …

Today screens and electronics emit blue light or it is the color that perhaps most symbolizes our digital world.

Well, Blue is also a mood … and the mountains on the horizon are blue as seen from far away … and disappear when you get closer …

Blue Light, Blaues Licht, Blaalys is a photography-based installation that consists of 3 different types of works.

The Installation

When viewers enter, they will notice that a blue light lights up the space.

Lisa Rosenmeier: “I have tried to recreate the fatamoganic light we believed, that we saw in the dark.”

Behind the viewers are 2 big photographic based prints on paper of magical blue-witch-light.

  1. A number of night photos taken at the shore in a winter storm on the Westv coast of Denmark of distant people with blue light torches searching for the magic amber. These photos are arranged on 3 walls, so that time and space of that night, when photographed, are compressed and displaced as an installation at Bethanien to form an experience.
  2. “When we were children, we would lie for hours in dunes and grass and at the edge of the forest, staring into the darkness. We had seen the the glimmer of wii-o-the-wisps, but had only heard of the strange mysterious flickering fatamoganic blue light that shone above where a treasure is buried, but also the same blue light was said to shine on the place underworld is located.
  1. In the center of the space a brainwave frequency born ledlight and aluminum object and two headsets will be placed, so the audience gets the possibility to create their own colored light directly from their inner worlds and send it out in the space.

Thanks to:

Statens Kunstfond | Ny Carlsberg Fondet | Beckett Fonden | Direktør Espen og Tanja Neergaard Dinesens

Fond | Knud Højgaards Fond | Fotografernes Ophavsretsfond | Direktør J.P. Lund og Hustru Vilhelmine født

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