Member of the Artist’s Association and BKF



2016 Reflections, Ripples or Streams, Photographic works for Aquaporin in Cooperation with Christina Wilson
2015 Womens ABC, group exhibition, Randers Museum of Art, Denmark

2015 Let Lost Be Your Guide, book, 120p. digital print. Text by Peter S. Meyer.
Ten thousand miles from home, Photographic works at  the Easter Exhibition, Janusbygningen, Tistrup
All of a sudden,  Photographic works exhibited under “Imago Mundi”, the Danish Collection, Benetton Foundation (shown worldwide e.g. at Venice Biennale 2015

2014 City Light – How could I know this city was made for love?, Artist Book,  Exhibited at
”Lige i skabet”, Svends Bibliotek, Bakkehusmuseet and Nivaagaards Artcollection
I have forgotten the words  to tell you. So now, I am talking to
you without them
, Series of photographs.

2011 You and me and we are all together, Project plan for a brain frequency born interactive light artwork to Vitus Bering Innovations Park, Horsens

2009 Lost stories /Memoplates 1001 x 1-8 and description of ideas to and interactive light
work for a hospital or a patient center, Exhibition Center, Vrå

2008 Your temporal Twin, shown at the group exhibition “Unnamable Name”, Main
Library of Copenhagen
Funding, research and development of the project A Turning Point for the Future, in collaboration with: Bjarke Ingels Group, BIG, CDE Danish Marine Design, Institute of Psychology, University of Cph., Have PR and Communication, Research Center Gnosis, Innovation Lab, Institute of Future Research, Film Company, Montana, Alexandra Institute, Faktor-3, Composer Lennart Ginman, Formidabel ApS, DDC, Wonderfull Copenhagen, a number of international researchers e.g. Kevin Warwick, Professor of Cypernetics, The University of Reading and the assistants Louise Skovsby and Anne Julie Arnfred. Images for Institute of Aesthetics, University of Aarhus
Presentation and panel at Interregnum, The PSI Conference, University of Copenhagen

2007 Disappearance into Silence, video installation
Sketching and researching for A Turning Point for the Future
Spor/Traces, group exhibition, The Royal Library, Copenhagen
One shot each, group exhibition, Museum of Photography, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense

2006 The distance between, Sketching, Los Angeles.

2005 The Extended Now, solo exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde

2004 The Extended Now, solo exhibition, Kunsten, Museum of Modern Art Museum,
Ideboxing, Group Exhibition, Aros, Aarhus and Randers Art Museum, nominated for the NODEM 04 Award, Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
Sketching for Birkerød Stadion for Schmidt, Hammer og Lassen with Lone Høyer Hansen
“Books”, Ingrid Hansen Gallery, LLC, Wasington, USA
“Vision Skif”, Sankt Petersborg
Sketching for Trekroner house estate for Nova 5 architects,
Sketching for Thing and Wainø and NCC with Lone Høyer Hansen and Eva Koch

2003 Before Invisibility / Før Usynligheden, coorganizer, seminar about gender representations in Danish art institutions, The Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen
Vision,  a memory substance to be seen in 100 years. Saatchi og Saatchi, New York
Mirage, Proposal for a site-specific work to New York for Creative Time
Seismogram 1-7. Drawings for ”Volumen” by Serge Ohnen, Holland
From objective to object, group exhibition, Den Frie, Copenhagen shown on Ars Electronica, Nordic billboard-project, group exhibition, Denmark and Sweden
Tangible / exchange MEMENTO manifestation 1, Vision, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, Costa Rica
Ideaboxing, Institute of Contemporary art, Copenhagen
Reconstruction; The inner city”, Exit Art, New York
Web Biennal,, Istanbul Museum of Contempoary Art, Turkey
Billeder til tiden, travelling exhibition with Danish painters

2002 shown on “Ars Electronica”
House of Love, Location One, New York
From moment to moment, House of Love as web project and installation, The Art Pavilion,  Zagreb, Croatia
Ideboxing, group exhibition, Charlottenborg, Denmark and Art Fair International, London
Proposal for a site-specific interactive lightwork for Nykredit in cooperation with Art of Heart
Memento. Manifestation 1, vision, Hordaland Art Center, Bergen, Norway, Media Arts Festival, Japan

2001 100 years 100 finest works of art from Denmark, group exhibition, The Virtual Art Museum, The National Gallery, Copenhagen and part 3 – an internet project based on House of Love part 1 and 2
Red line, proposal for landmark, Aalborg and Nørresundby
Travellors 1-4.  Vestjyllands Artmuseum

2000 Space, Art of Heart, group show, Vejen Museum of Fine Art, Denmark
Utopia, House of Love part 2., solo exhibition, Rogaland Museum of Art in Stavanger, Norway
Hvad er meningen? Art as advertising and advertising as art, solo exhibition. Artlibery, Esbjerg

1999 House of Love.  fase 1., Copenhagen
Time-Space, Roskilde Art Association

1998-99 Loneliness of the city, Vejle Museum of Fine Art

1997 House estate of the future, a future perspective and a book for Statens Kunstfond and Vejle Kommune
Conglomerat  The Danish Cultural Institute, Edinburgh, Skotland.
En antydningens præcision, Frederiksberg Rådhus
Cruising, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand
Stockholm Art Fair, Galleri Specta

1996-97 Pathfinder´s route x,  a site specific work for Blågårds Statsseminarium

1995-97 What is the idea?, Art as advertising, Advertising campaign for Weekendavisen.

1995-97 Borealis 7, group exhibition, Nordic Arts Centrum, Helsinki, Finland, Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, Bergen Art Gallery, Norway, Listasafn, Iceland, Hasselbladcenter, Göteborg, Sverige, Åbo Art Museum, Finland

1995 Human Touch, Trondheim Arts Association, Norway
Sofastykker -solo installation, Galleri Specta, Copenhagen

1994 Off-Picture no.119, site specific work for Copenhagen Jazzhouse
Cityslang, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen
Art, art, art, group exhibition, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen
Heterogenisering, Art using advertising media, TV spot at channel TV2

1993-94 Suit-case, a book and a solo exhibition at The New Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, The Museum of Photography, Odense, Horsens Art Museum, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Aalborg,

1993 Inbetween, Copenhagen House of Culture and Nordjyllands Museum of Art
Afgang 93, Exit exhibition, The Royal Danish Art Academy, Kristianssand, Sweden

1992-93 The Perfect Life, a fictitious advertising campaign with 12 billboards in public space with Gitte Scharøe among others

1989 Enter, Gallery Bossky, Copenhagen

1988 Circum 6, 11-channel video installation, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Museum of Art, Vejle
Choice no 347, Gallery Basilisk, Denmark
Transportbilleder, Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary art, Copenhagen
Statements, Autumn Exhibition of Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
Moneofyletisk serie, Spring Exhibition of Charlottenborg, Copenhagen



2011-14 SATE and DARE. Masterclass Somatic Attachment and Trauma Therapy by Diane Poole Heller

2012 EFCT (Emotion Focused Couple Therapy ) Masterclass. By Leslie Greenberg and Sue Johsson

2011 Masterclass in couple therapy, Copenhagen Gestalt Institute

2010 Psychoterapeut, Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen

1987-93 MA in Fine Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

1983-87 Diploma in Textile Design, Danish School of Design



2015 Statens Værksteder, Copenhagen (winter + autumn)

2010 Residency, San Cataldo, Italy

2007 Ekstern lecturer, Visuel Culture, Institut of History of Art and Modern Culture, University of Copenhagen

2006 Teaching in idea developing in Workz, Zentropa and University of Copenhagen

2006 Artist in residence at Otis College and Art and Design, Los Angeles

2003 Artist in residence ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial program), New York
Statens Værksteder, Copenhagen

2002 Artist in residence program, Location One, New York

2001 Statens Værksteder, Copenhagen

1997-07 Cofounder, Art of Heart with Lone Høyer Hansen and Eva Koch

1989-05 Teaching and consulting, Danish Design School, Kolding and Institute for Precious Metal, Copenhagen

1988-03 Artistic consulting, Danish School of Design, Kolding.


2005 The extended now, Memento projects 1999-2004, Borgens Forlag

1997 The pathfinder´s route x – plotting the field for the unfolding of a possible identity around the year 2000, Blaagaards Seminarium, N. Olaf Møller

1993 Suit-case – Some reflections in time, 30 case-stories, Basilisk

ARTIST BOOKS (limited eddictions)

2015 Let Lost be your Guide, photos from 2005- 2015

2014 City Light – How could I know this City was made for Love? photos from 2003-14,

2013 The Passenger

2012 We follow different tracks in more than one sense

2011 Ten thousand Miles from Home

2011 The Distance Between

2006 Some Realized, Others not


Saatchi og Saatchi, New York
The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Prints and Drawings, Denmark
The Danish Art Foundation, Denmark
New Carlsberg Foundation, Denmark
Aros, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark
Arken – Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Randers Museum of Fine Arts
KUNSTEN, Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg
The Royal Library, Denmark
The Museum of Photography, Denmark
Malmö Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
Nykredit, Denmark
Frederiksberg Rådhus, Denmark


2006 Anne Marie Telmanyis Fund (grant of honor)

2005 The Danish Art Council – project support

2005 Ole Haslunds artist grant (grant of honor)

2003 Ole Haslunds artist grant (grant of honor)

2003 The Danish Art Council

2002 Politikens Fund

2002 The Danish Art Council

2002 The Danish Art Council Travelling Fund

2002 Berlingske Tidendes Fund

2000 Grants of Academy for young artist

2000 Minister of Culture – Developing Fund

2000 Ragnvald and Ida Blix Fund