I sell

  • Pictorial works in various sizes. The pictures are numbered and signed on the verso and the buyer receives a certificate. I produce a maximum of 7 versions in variable sizes of the individual motif.
  • I can offer draft proposals for walls, rooms and buildings. Both single pictures but also more comprehensive decoration schemes for rooms and buildings.
  • I work with pictures specifically for the specific architecture, also in combination with a light installation.
  • My pictures are in high format files and can be scaled up in lamba print on a laminated aluminium plate up to 150 x 225 cm.

The plates can be combined in various ways. For instance, 4 plates put together can give a picture of, for example, 250 x 560 cm. All pictures are professionally produced. i.e. they are of museum quality.

·  Here you can see a completed picture for an apartment at Krøyers Plads, where in collaboration with the client I decided on this picture in a shiny acrylic laminate as a professional print with a 100 years’ durability.